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Lightbulb: Story Idea Generators 

Love to write, but not quite sure where to start? Here’s how to find story ideas for your novel.

For some people, novel and short story ideas just come to them. For other writers, creative writing takes more time and thought. Make no mistake, writing a novel takes dedication and skill. You’ll also need a good dose of creativity.

No matter the subject of a novel or the writer’s age, every book starts with the first sentence. Determining what interests you enough to commit to weeks — or even years — of writing is an important step. You’ll want to have a novel story idea that you love.

If you’re searching for tips on the best novel ideas, here are some ideas to get you started on the book writing process—from a thriller to a love story to a murder mystery to science fiction writing.

Novel Writing Tips

Creativity comes from anywhere! If you’re going to write your first novel, here are some writing tips to help get your writing momentum.

  1. Decide on a theme for your book. My children’s story focused on nature, but romance, science fiction, tales of mystery, or other topics make great subjects, too.

  1. Inspiration is everywhere. It could come from your favorite podcast, poem, documentary, or even a historical textbook. Adapt your story from real life. If something happens that captures your imagination, jot it down in a notebook to explore later. 

  1. Friends or even you yourself can be great sources for a character. Maybe a relative’s traits remind you of a rabbit, so you could take their personality and combine it with a bunny character in your story. 

  1. A tale as old as time...Think of the Disney movies that are based on fairytales. Those stories and life lessons have been around for generations. They remind us of the good qualities in people based on heroic characters and those who demonstrate bad traits such as the evil queen’s jealousy in Snow White. Historical themes stand the test of time and can be good inspiration for your own first novel.

  1. Stories based on true events can be adapted by tweaking facts or adding characters to build your narrative. For example, Winnie the Pooh was based on a true story.

  1. Start short on your road to writing. Working on a short story (or two) could ease you into writing a full-length novel. A short story plot isn’t as difficult to outline. If your novel idea is a little lean, then think about changing it to a short story.

Write A Story Truly Worth Writing

Use one of these novel-idea generators to help you start your book! Draw from your life — even a special moment in your own life could be the start of a wonderful story. 

If you are motivated to be a writer, getting started can be the most difficult hurdle to jump. I hope this blog of writing prompts spurs you to begin your writing journey. When you start, make sure your writing space is inviting and stimulating. Place objects around you that will rouse your mind with endless ideas that can be incorporated into your writing. 

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