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The Strange Stillness
of Time

Katrina Kusa's newest fiction book is perfect for pre-teen readers. This unique story will have you captivated until the shocking ending. The Strange Stillness of Time is planned for release in 2022!

The Strange Stillness of Time.jpg

Paris is a thirteen-year-old girl who has been unlucky in life. Her father is dead, her mother does not love her, and she has no friends at school, so she seeks solace through reading, gazing out of the window, and taking walks in the nearby cemetery.


With the help of a new classmate called Elsa, she gradually realizes she has a special gift which enables her to see things that others cannot. Elsa, who is also rather unusual, encourages Paris to be strong and prepares her for the task which lies ahead...using her gift to defeat evil and restore the light.

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