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There Once Was a Cat

This poor cat was left alone to fend for himself along with a defenseless canary who shared the same fate. Magical bluebirds see their sad state. Will this cat find happiness again?

Katrina Kusa There Once Was a Cat

There Once Was a Cat is the second fantasy children's book by Katrina Kusa. This book follows an abandoned cat who befriends a canary as he struggles to live on his own.


Just when it seems as if all hope is gone, some bluebirds find the cat and see his sorry state. They return immediately to their magical land where they report the news of his plight to a community of gnomes.

Pre-order Katrina's new book to see what will happen to this cat and his animal friends on their journey to happiness. There Once Was a Cat is planned to be released in 2020, and is beautifully illustrated by Pavel Kulsha.

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