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The Kingdom of the Lizards

Clara lives in a beautiful town full of lovely gardens, trees, and luminescent flowers. This sweet girl spends her days reading to her little lizard friends under her favorite oak tree.

Katrina Kusa Fantasy Childrens Book
Katrina Kusa Juvenile Fiction Award

Until one day when Daniel, a boy in her class, captures a very special lizard. This bully's actions put all of her lizard friends lives in danger. When

Clara visits The Kingdom of the Lizards & has a plan to save it! Can she do it in time?


The Kingdom of the Lizards by Katrina Kusa is a fantasy children’s book inspired by the author’s love of nature and protecting the world around us for future generations.

This fictional children’s short story was written when Katrina was just 10 year’s old! This book was illustrated by Belarus-based artist, Pavel Kulsha.

Katrina Kusa’s book is available through Archway Publishing and Amazon. This wonderful book has been nationally recognized as a Bronze Medal recipient of the President's Book Award by the Florida Authors and Publishers Association. Read this exciting, beautifully illustrated children's book today!

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