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How to Start a Daily Writing Habit

Writers gotta write.

If you finally want to break through your writer’s block and write the story that is in your head, you need to just let yourself write. Anything. The goal is to have a daily writing habit so you can build confidence and finish that book you’re always talking about.

Sound too easy? Here are my favorite ways to incorporate a daily writing habit into daily life.

What Should You Write?

There are no “shoulds” to what you should write. Write about a memory, a smell, what happened to you today. Write in your journal, write a short story, write a few sentences of your novel, write a poem. It doesn’t have to be hard! Just put a pen to paper (or open your computer) and write!

Easier said than done, right? Here are my top tips on how I started my daily writing habit:

Set Up a Writing Space

It’s easier to stick to a daily writing habit when you actually want to spend time in the place where you write. You don’t have to buy an expensive desk or have a beautiful view to write.

Maybe it’s a desk in your home office, a table, a comfortable chair, or even the library. Keep your inspiration, books, and research materials close. Most importantly: keep it clean and free of clutter. A cluttered space is a cluttered mind, which won’t help you write!

Set a Small Daily Goal

Often, just setting a small daily goal can make a big difference. Try writing for ten minutes a day, or if that seems like too much, try writing just one sentence a day.

When you are actively writing a novel, don’t worry if your word count doesn’t meet the goals that you set for yourself. This isn’t a race. Be gentle with yourself about the amount of writing that you produce, but be tough on yourself about staying consistent.

If you can, stick to a consistent time of day for your writing. Be firm with yourself (and others) about your routine, and don’t let distractions get in the way!

Stay Motivated

Writing isn’t always going to be easy, and sometimes the blank page can make it worse. Writer’s block anyone? No matter how excited you are about your book or how strong your motivation is, motivating yourself to start can be daunting.

Motivation is KEY for staying consistent with any habit, so instead of feeling paralyzed by the scope of your writing project, try focusing on the writing process rather than the ultimate goal. Be present and enjoy the small successes and progress of your writing. This will help you stay motivated.

Write Whenever You Can

Inspiration is everywhere, so keep a notebook and pencil with you (or use the Notes app in your phone.) Scribble down thoughts and ideas as they come to you. Write in the middle of the night, when you are waiting for your coffee, or on your lunch break.

Stop scrolling through social media, and write down your thoughts and ideas, even if it’s only for a few minutes. You’d be surprised at how many ideas that you have when you take the time to write them down!

Get Off Social Media

Don’t have time to write? Put down the phone and get off social media. How many times do you check your email or scroll through Instagram and Facebook? How many episodes of your favorite show did you watch this week?

Take inventory of how you spend your time, and if social media scrolling is taking up most of your leisure time, it’s time to put the phone down and turn it off if needed. This will give you a few moments to write without distractions.

Get Writing Daily

I hope these tips have shown you how easy it can be to incorporate a daily writing habit into your life. You should be on your way to writing your novel in no time!

I have been writing since I was eight years old, and incorporating a daily writing habit into my day-to-day has been a life changer! Get a copy of my first book, The Kingdom of Lizards today!

For more writing suggestions and tips from me check out my other blogs and follow me on Facebook and Instagram!


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