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Young Writers 2017 Award

Katrina Kusa Award Winning Short Story

Christmas came early this year when a short story I wrote in class got selected to be published in a book in London! I'm so excited!

It all started on a chilly day in October when my teacher introduced an assignment for this year's Young Writers creative writing contest, Spine-Chillers. The contest was organized with schools in New England, but had entries from as far as California and all over the U.S.

The challenge was to create a mini-saga in just 100 words. Now, I've written short stories before but not quite that short. It's hard to convey tension and suspense in such a short piece, but out of over 4,500 entries my spine chilling piece was one of the few selected to be published.

The book will be published in February of 2018, so more to come on Spine-Chillers-Spooky Sagas from Massachusetts! And my award-winning, mini-saga: The World Beyond Us.


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