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“The Kingdom of the Lizards” Reading Event

RPA Reading Event The Kingdom of the Lizards Book Launch

I’ll be doing my first public event for my new children’s book “The Kingdom of the Lizards” on May 5th. This is the first event of its kind at my school, and I’m so happy that the staff was willing to let me share my story with my classmates! I could not think of a better place to share my new book than with my fellow students at Royal Palm Academy. I’m glad they’ll get to hear “The Kingdom of the Lizards” first.

I’ll be doing a reading of my book in one of the kindergarten classrooms, signing the book, and answering student questions about the writing and publishing process. I want every kid who’s ever thought ‘I can’t do that yet’ or ‘Even if I wanted to, how would I get published?’ to feel like they can do whatever they’ve dreamed of now, and I’m happy to help them understand my experience with being published.

I believe that we learn so much from the adults in our lives, but that we can learn a lot from kids our own age too. I want the kids to leave this event at school inspired to write. But mainly, I want to give back to a community that has already given so much to me.

My youth book reading and signing event will also include me donating several copies of the book to the school library to commemorate this achievement. I want to share my book with the school’s future generations of students.

I’m sure my classmates will like my first book!

Here are some of my favorite moments from my reading of The Kingdom of the Lizards!


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