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How Young Actors Can Use Instagram

Instagram for Teen Actors Katrina Kusa Blog

Calling all actors: Are you on Instagram yet? Are you using it to its fullest potential to benefit you?

Instagram is a fantastic platform for new and experienced actors to establish an online presence. You want to make sure you are using social media to your FULL advantage. Let me share with you some of the reasons why I love Instagram and how it is helping me as a young actress and writer.

Why is Instagram Important for Actors?

As a young actor or actress, social media is one of the quickest ways to be recognized and have a following that casting directors will notice. Instagram is one of the hottest social media networks around!

Social media has become such an important part to how we live and communicate these days. Being a young actor, it is especially important to cultivate our own audience the way we want to be seen without having the paparazzi or media do that for us.

It is also free to promote your talent! Using social media accounts, such as Instagram, does not cost anything. As an aspiring teen actress, author, and songwriter, social media is a great way for me to show everyone what I am doing without having to worry about hiring someone to do that for me.

What Makes Instagram Great for Actors

Instagram is the #1 platform currently when it comes to celebrities and entertainment. It is a visual platform that appeals to millions of uses, 700+ active monthly users to be exact, and is a quick and easy way to upload engaging stories and videos. It is also more commonly used among younger artists, than say Facebook, which generally attracts an older crowd.

Using Instagram as a young actor will only be to your advantage if you use it correctly. Today, most people are quick to “Google” and research you if they are curious about who you are. Casting directors are exactly the same! Most likely your social media accounts will turn up first on a basic search. Plus, if you add hashtags to your posts you can improve your reach in the platform so you can really get discovered!

Make sure to put yourself out there and make sure your account is public! If you want to be a public figure and a rising actor you need to let people know who you are!

Wondering What to Post on Instagram?

On your Instagram account, you’ll want to stay active and show some personality!

Make sure your profile picture has an up to date headshot. This may seem trivial, but if you think about it you will want to establish a “brand” and you will want followers and casting directors to instantly and easily recognize you. It also establishes you as more professional.

Make sure to fill out the bio. This is the place to let everyone know who you are and what you are inspiring to be. There’s limited space so use it wisely. Then you can share more to your stories later on.

Stay active and share what you are doing. Instagram is a great place to post about a lot of different things. As a young actor you can talk about your auditions, your prep work, your “day in the life”, your hobbies, or even your family pet or siblings! You want to make your Instagram posts feel fun and relatable.

And finally, remember to get found using hashtags! Using hashtags is how people search on the network. You don’t want to go hashtag heavy, but it’s good to use at least 5-10 on each post. I personally find it best to keep them all written on my computer or phone in the “notes” section and copy and paste them depending on what I’m posting.

Not sure what hashtags to use? Start out simple with: #actor #acting #youngactor #audition #futurestar...

Why I Love Instagram

As a young actress, I am very grateful for having so many great social media platforms to interact with my followers. Using Instagram has helped me to promote my acting, writing, and music. My followers are able to see the real me and interact with me.

If you are not using Instagram yet, give it a shot! Who knows I may become one of your avid followers...until then, stay social with me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and here on the blog!


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