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Halloween Themed Writing Prompt

Halloween Writing Prompt Katrina Kusa Author

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! So when I found these Halloween themed writing prompts, I was excited to take a stab at one. I liked all of the prompts, but this one gave me an instant idea:

If you could design a haunted house, what would you name it? What types of rooms would you have? Describe, in detail, 3 of the best rooms in your haunted house.

Read on-if you dare-because I’m the architect of the creepiest haunted house you’ll ever visit! Campfire tales will be told about this house for years to come. Follow me as I take you on the tour of the place…and don’t wander off on your own.


This house has a name, and I mean no ordinary name. This name suits this house and strikes fear in the hearts of the local children. Welcome to the infamous haunted house named “Horritella”. The house got its name due to the fact that the house is horrific and for the few who have dared to step inside have seen tarantulas scrambling around the inside of the house. Some kids have claimed to have even seen large tarantulas not just inside the home, but outside on the grounds as well.

Ere shook around the columns of this house. You can see windows shattered, paint chipping, and the crisp red bricks fading their color. Town residents claim that when they walk by, always see a girl with white hair almost like the color of snow wearing a red dress like the color of blood. Many times people thought someone moved into this creepy house, but they were wrong. No one has lived in the Oak Lane house in a very long time, but clearly, that doesn’t mean it’s not inhabited…

It’s said that in this haunted house, every room has a new chapter, a new story, inside of it. Probably my favorite rooms in the whole house would be called the “Witch Room”. The room has deep red walls, rustic oak floors, and a strange piece of furniture that looked almost like a cauldron. Look over and you’ll see a dusty broom hanging from a hook on the wall.

With a little spook, you’ll find more tricks than treats in the “Witch Room”. Tricks tend to happen when someone walks into this room. This room would be filled with interests and scares from throughout. When you stand at the shattered windows, people outside can’t see you. It’s like you magically don’t exist. Of course, a witch who once lived at Horritella is known to appear (and can disappear in a blink of an eye) beside the cauldron. Watch out for her!

Walk down the hall if you dare into the “Headless Horseman Room”; inspired by Washington Irving’s tale, “Sleepy Hollow.” This room will contain witch craft, ancient books, and the pictures galore of the headless horseman himself.

In this room, the temperature drops about 30 degrees the moment you step over the threshold. Let’s hope no chills will drive down your spine in this room. But they probably will. The little ghost girl is commonly seen in this room laughing as people run from the nightmare of the Headless Horseman.

Finally, the third main room of the house is the “Graveyard Room”. It contains changing skeletal paintings on the walls, and of course the view of the magnificent graveyard. This private graveyard has all sorts of flowers and gravestones on the land. Where the flowers come from, I do not know. If you look out the window to the graveyard, the ghost you see may just follow you home.

Walk quickly back out of the house on Oak Lane and be happy when the other worldly gates mysteriously shut themselves behind you. I visited Horritella just once and I’m thankful that I’m no longer standing on those grounds-- even though I feel I’m being watched every day by a strange girl with white hair wearing a blood red dress.


Happy Halloween, everyone! If you or your child are looking for a fun Halloween activity, I highly recommend taking about 30 minutes to write from one of the Halloween prompts (here's the link). Have fun, and may your days be filled with suspicion and surprise.

Katrina Kusa is a children’s book author. She is known for writing books meant to inspire other young authors as she started writing at just the age of 8! She enjoys writing music and short stories too. Learn more about this young writer.


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