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Book Preview: The Kingdom of the Lizards

Kingdom of the Lizards Katrina Kusa Book Preview

The magical realm of The Kingdom of the Lizards is my first children’s book. Read the first 10 pages today!

I've been writing since the age of 8 (when I turned my playroom into a library), and I've been writing ever since. What makes my book unique is that it is truly a book by a kid for other kids. I want to encourage other young children’s authors to write.

The Kingdom of the Lizards was inspired by my love of nature and creatures big and small. In it I share the message of how to love and respect each other and to see beauty in our natural surroundings. When you protect and love our world, and the world will protect and love you back.

Click here to see the free book preview of my fantasy children's book: The Kingdom of the Lizards!

Happy reading!


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