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How to Believe in Yourself and Gain Confidence for Auditions

Confidence for Auditions Teen Actress Katrina Kusa

When you think about auditions, do you get sweaty hands, shaky knees, and start feeling scared?! Even to experienced actors, auditions can still be intimidating. But here are some ways to make you feel more comfortable and confident about your auditions!


I believe the key to a successful audition in self-confidence. But what is self-confidence? To me, self-confidence is how you see yourself. We tend to believe in our own thoughts and those thoughts become beliefs and those beliefs are then transformed into reality.

It is hard to have strong self-confidence if you are always talking negatively about yourself or are too critical of yourself. One approach I like to use is to try to talk to my inner self positively. If I feel positive about myself it will start showing outwardly. If I believe in myself so will others!


Being in a room full of strangers with certain expectations and lots of pressure is sure to make anyone take a step back! I have put together a list of tips that have helped me believe in myself and gain confidence while I am auditioning.

1. Know that being there is already an accomplishment

Go ahead and pat yourself on the back—celebrate that you’re at an audition! The casting directors have already expressed interest in you and like what they see. Seeing the audition as an accomplishment in of itself should be a huge boost of confidence. If they believe you can do it then you should too!

2. Be friendly!

Actions speak louder than words. Be mindful, you may never know who is watching you. Even if you are the perfect fit for the role, casting directors are also looking for someone friendly and kind. They do not want an actor or actress that is rude and not a good listener. They want someone who can get along with the rest of the cast.

Also, remember that the other actors auditioning around you may potentially be cast alongside you. Being friendly to others will put you at ease as well as others!

3. Come prepared and take your time

Coming to an audition prepared will definitely make you feel more confident and make you believe in yourself. Give yourself plenty of time before the audition to get to know the role/character and lines. And trust in your preparation! Now is not the time to change what you rehearsed.

Make sure you arrive early to your audition. This gives you time to relax, get comfortable, and know your surroundings without being rushed and out of breath.

And finally, take your time. The audition time slot is yours! Take a deep breath and do not rush. Think of this audition as a great opportunity to practice what you love, even if nothing else comes from it.

4. Focus on the present and LET IT GO!

While I may not be talking about the song Let It Go from the movie Frozen, the song title should be a good reminder to not let your audition performance dwell in your mind afterward.

As soon as you walk out of the audition room, you should remind yourself that you cannot change how you did and it is out of your hands now. All you can do now is be proud of yourself for showing up and focus on how to prepare for the next one!

5. There are no failures

Do not worry yourself with negative thoughts or fears of failure. There are no failures. Take your audition as an experience and a learning opportunity. If you made mistakes—learn from them!

Start looking forward to your next auditions and opportunities. Just the experience of auditioning will help you grow your confidence as an actor.

Show Confidence at Your Next Audition

These are just a couple of things that I do to make myself feel more confident for an audition. Remember that the casting directors want you to succeed just as much as you do. Think of them not as your enemies, but your cheering squad. Think of them that way and you mentally feel more comfortable and at ease around them. Perform for them like you would for your group of good friends!

Show them that you believe in yourself, show them what you can do it, and blow them away!

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