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Audition Tips for Child Actors

Kids Auditioning Katrina Kusa Multilingual Teen Actress

Many of you know that my writing is my first love, but it is writing that has inspired a new way for me to be creative – acting. It all started from acting out characters in my book, The Kingdom of Lizards, to auditioning for roles and even being cast in a few commercials! Auditioning as a child actor can be scary, especially when you’re new to the process. However, in order to become a great actor, you must first be a master at auditioning. So, for those who are also interested in acting, I wanted to share some tips that helped me get through my first few auditions and some other helpful things I’ve learned along the way.


Always Arrive Early. When I go to an audition, I make it a point to arrive early for a few reasons. For one, it gives you a chance to calm your nerves. It also lets you scope out the scene to see what is required, which is a big advantage to other kids that may arrive late.

Dress the Part. During auditions, directors see hundreds of kids a day, so you want to make sure they remember you. I always wear an outfit that is comfortable, age appropriate, but also something that shows my personality. Depending on the role, a pop of color doesn’t hurt!

Come Prepared with a Good Head Shot. I’ve been taking a bunch of these lately. A headshot is a clean photo of your face and shoulders that you leave at the audition to help the director remember you! A headshot should be an 8.5”x11” and a good representation of what you look like and your age.

When you’re taking your headshot photo, wear a solid, bright colored shirt. Make sure your hair is combed, and girls, wear light make up. Do not wear black, brown, gray, white, drab colors, stripes, or any other pattern. Most importantly for child actors we need to SMILE so you can have photos for both the fun and the serious auditions.

Be Ready the Second You Leave the Car. Here’s a little tip that many child actors and actresses don’t ever think about: the second you walk out of your car, the audition begins. Why? Someone may see you approaching the building, so make sure to have your hair and make-up done and be on your best behavior!

Show Them What You’ve Got. Arriving early gives me time to take a few deep breaths and build my confidence before the audition starts. This is super important because you should introduce yourself with confidence and a good smile. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! Another tip is to acknowledge everyone at the audition table, state your full name, and the author/artist of your piece, and do so with lots of energy! Practice makes perfect, so practice lots and lots before your audition.

Never Say ‘Sorry’. A golden audition rule is to never apologize for a little mess up. Instead, politely ask if you can start again. Just remember that casting is based on your character look, age, talent, and how you handle yourself on the set. In order to make a good first impression, remain focused and in control.

Do Not Miss or Be Late to a Callback. Getting a callback is super exciting and one step closer to landing the role! That being said, it is very important to show up to your callback with just as much energy and precision as your first audition.

Stay Positive and Keep Trying. I went on tons of auditions before I landed something, so even though each turn down is disappointing, you’ve got to remain positive. Each audition is a new learning experience, so keep trying and practicing because you never know what opportunity is around the corner.


I hope that these acting tips have been helpful, especially for all the kids who have dreams of acting one day. The sky’s the limit, so keep trying and always believe in yourself!

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