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What Kids can do to Stop Bullying

Girl being Bullied What Kids can do to Stop Bullying

There is nothing worse than having your peers single you out and pick on you. This is a big theme of my first book The Kingdom of the Lizards! Sadly, with all the new technologies bullying is on the rise.

Cyber-bullying or harassing someone can happen on any social media platform. Hiding behind a computer or phone allows bullies to even pose as someone else and get others in on the behavior. I believe bullying is NOT ok! Today, I’m sharing ways that (like my main character, Clara) kids can stop bullying.

Why do People Bully Others?

First, we must try to understand and not judge others. Ever. There are many reasons that a kid becomes a bully like:

  • They lack attention and lash out at others for attention.

  • Older siblings who have been bullied, are more likely to bully a younger sibling.

  • Sadly sometimes, it is because an adult role model is a bully.

Seemingly weaker kids or people who are different are the typical targets of bullies. Bullies will blame and use others and seek authority over their victims. Not all bullies are created equal; there are actually different types of bullies!

  • Bullied bullies get satisfaction from making others feel helpless by dominating them.

  • Social bullies manipulate others through gossip because they lack self-esteem themselves.

  • Detached bullies are typically popular and liked by everyone but their victims.

  • Hyperactive bullies act inappropriately and sometimes physically because they don't understand how to socialize.

Most bullies don’t understand how harmful their behavior is or how it makes the individual being bullied feel. However, bullying is a learned behavior which can be unlearned.

What Can I do to Help Stop Bullying?

Check out some of the statistics about cyberbullying at

Prevention: familiarize yourself with how to identify bullying and how to stand up to it safely. Raise awareness. Do you see bullying at your school? Are you being bullied? Here are the things you can do to keep yourself and the others you know safe from bullying:

  • Tell someone

  • Walk away

  • Report the Bully

  • Block the Bully

  • Stay Safe Online

  • Resist the urge to Retaliate or Respond -however do keep the evidence to help your case

What if My Friend is the Bully? Take your friend aside and talk to them about it without putting them down. Talk to them about the serious consequences bullying can have for all involved.

Help Raise Awareness in Your Community

When bullying behavior is dealt with quickly and consistently it sends the message that it is not acceptable. When adults and kids work together, over time we can stop bullying. To build a safe school environment in efforts to create a community-wide bullying prevention strategy, school staff, parents and other adults should encourage kids to speak up and talk about it.

If you or someone you know is being bullied, speak up.Tell an adult you trust, your parent or adult family member, teacher, coach, guidance counselor, principal or pastor. Each state has different laws about bullying and they can be found here.

I am passionate about raising the awareness on bullying and finding solutions to end bullying. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for a safe community for young talent.


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