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Spring Writing Prompts

Blonde Teen Spring Writing Prompts Katrina Kusa Blog

Warmer days are on the horizon and summer is just around the corner. Spring is a beautiful time of year when flowers begin to bloom and migrating birds return from the South to fill the air with their songs. With all the new sounds, flora, and aromas it is a great time to fill your writing journals with new material!

5 Fresh Spring Writing Ideas

  1. Spring is a time of new beginnings to write about something you would like to start doing.

  2. What advice would you give a friend to make a fresh start?

  3. All the new blooms popping up means bees. If you were a bee what kind of bee would you be? A nursery bee, scout bee, guard bee, queen bee and why?

  4. Here they grow, caterpillars are emerging from their cocoons. Write a story about your metamorphosis into a butterfly.

  5. The earth is so stunning in the Spring. Write about ways we can help keep the planet beautiful

Get more inspiration here with some one-word writing prompts. For some brainstorming tips on teen writing check out my blog here.

Why Writing Prompts

Using a writing prompt can help build momentum and spark new ideas for characters, stories, and environments. You might surprise yourself with how easily you will fill the pages when using a writing prompt. Here are some other benefits of exercising writing prompts:

  • Makes You Get Going

  • Transports You to New Places

  • Helps You Write Faster

  • Boosts Your Creativity

  • They will add Joy to Your Writing

I love using writing prompts to channel my inspiration in between writing my full children's books. My mom came up with a short story writing prompt for me to write about after seeing a post on Facebook.  I love how supportive she is of my creative writing, and how she helps me practice writing my books (thanks, Mom)!

Writing tip: With so many distractions in everyday life, you’ll want to prep your space for writing by setting yourself up for success. Scheduling your writing session to make writing a habit and get your brain focused on writing mode. When you give your writing the attention it deserves and make it a priority, it’s easier to keep moving forward on your story.

The Time to Begin is Now

If you are motivated to be a writer getting started can be the most difficult hurdle to jump. I hope this blog of writing prompts spurs you to begin your writing journey. Make your writing space inviting and stimulating. Place objects around you that will rouse your mind with endless ideas that can be incorporated into your writing.

Try to write your own story from the writing prompt, and then share it with me on social media! Until then, here's what I came up with for my very short story: Aliferous. Enjoy! For more inspiration on writing venture over to my Facebook page and give me a like!


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