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Short Story: The Climb

Katrina Kusa Short Story

I've been working on another writing prompt for a short story. Here was the prompt I wrote from:

As you sit here and reflect on your journey to this place, what do you think about?

The prompt was inspired by this image I saw on Facebook:

Katrina Kusa Writing Prompt

Image Courtesy of Facebook.

Inspirational right? Enjoy my new short story!


Beauty surrounded me in this moment. As I sat and reflected on this journey, I knew there was a lot of hope, courage, and adventure involved. There were thoughts about this utopia that collected into my very temples that I would remember always. But only one thought shook me with delight. It has been my greatest dream to come to this sacred place.

Filled with mountains and grand forests that filled hundreds of miles in this very land is all I could remember. I had the memory of myself gazing the sunsets from the coast of an extremely unrealistic figure. A hand you could say! But it was no hand to me. A symbol... A symbol of our dreams coming to reality through our greatest imagination.

Dreams to me have always been part of my culture. For me, I would always lay on this figure and look out into the stars. I could dream about what could be put into reality tomorrow. As the constellations flew across the sky, I knew that this would happen someday through these very thoughts.

I would just say, thoughts have been created through our dreams, and right now I am living my dream. Everyday is a beautiful dream, and we are living it together. Dreams are just a step away from bringing a very new beginning.


Here’s another writing tip to use when you write your own short story or children’s book: always think of a message in a story that you are writing or even you have read from your favorite book. It is great for the world to hear that message and make a chain reaction just from it.


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