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Monologues for Teens … (in the age of social distancing)

Girl practicing monologue in mirror Katrina Kusa blog

Did you know monologues date back to Ancient Greece! Monologues, not to be confused with soliloquies are communicating with other characters or the audience. Where a Soliloquy is a speech speaking the characters’ own thoughts aloud to themselves. Monologues are tools still used in plays and films within the world of acting today. It is a long speech made by a single actor used to deliver additional particulars regarding a character or the plot. This information is perfect for a fun and productive acting activity to keep your mind busy during our stay-at-home order.

Monologues from Plays

Many actors make their start performing in plays. Most High school English or literature classes have lessons involving Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet. Maybe you found yourself excited to read a monologue in class and this has motivated you to pursue acting. Not sure where to begin? Here is a blog about breaking into acting.

Monologues from plays:

When I’m not writing fantasy children’s books, I love to act. I have traveled to prestigious acting camps and have been cast in a few commercials. Although not a monologue, here is a scene entitled 'The Ledge' from my acting reel, enjoy!

How to Write a Monologue

When another monologue that everyone does, just won’t can write your own! Here are 4 simple steps to launch writing your monologue:

  1. Start your script. Make it no longer than one or two pages (approximately 2 min to read including beats)

  2. Edit your monologue. Grab a pen and check over your writing several times

  3. Draft it. Don’t stop until you are satisfied with what you have

When I’m not acting, I love to create magical stories. I have been writing since I was 8-yrs-old and published my first book The Kingdom of the Lizards when I was 12 years old. Follow me on Facebook for other writing and acting tips.

Virtual Monologuing

This activity is a great exercise to help you train and display your acting skills during this time of social distancing. Here are some tips to attain the best quality video in case you want to share it with your community or post on your YouTube channel.

  • VIDEO: Your iPhone or Android phone will work just fine. 

  • LIGHTING: Natural light coming from a window brightening your face/body is ideal.  

  • CLUTTER: Remove any clutter or mess

  • SPACING: Stand at least 12 inches from a wall.

  • AUDIO: Positioning yourself on carpet or a rug works best to reduce echo. Shut any doors and windows (and power off any heating or air conditioning)

  • FRAMING: Shoot the video horizontally. Center yourself in frame from the chest up a bit above the top of your head.

I find myself discovering new things while on my acting journey and here is a blog sharing what I have learned about what directors are looking for in an audition.

Flatten the Curve

Use this time during the COVID-19 social distancing to strengthen your mind rejuvenate your soul and work on your dreams. Fill your thoughts with good things, read to educate yourself, read for fun. Take up an instrument or practice singing and acting.

Stay home, stay safe and stay connected virtually! Follow me on my acting and writing journey through Facebook and Instagram!

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