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What Are the Lasting Impacts of Bullying?

Impacts of Bullying Katrina Kusa Childrens Book Blog

Unfortunately, the effects of bullying aren’t temporary, but can last long into adulthood. My first book, The Kingdom of the Lizards, talks about bullying; it’s an important issue for me. Today, I’m sharing the all too real –and lasting- impacts of bullying.

The Victim

After being bullied, you may develop depression and anxiety. The emotional impact goes well beyond the bullying years and can extend into adult lives. Skipping school or dropping out can also affect success later life.

Bullying can lead to chronic, sometimes lifelong, issues which may make eating, sleeping, exercising and participating in hobbies hard. Not feeling supported as a kid or teen as a result of bullying may also make it more difficult to build and keep future relationships.

Don’t let anyone pull you down. Stand up. Don’t ever listen to the negative things the bystanders say. Keep on following your dreams and wishes and they might come true!

The Bully

A lot of times bullies are struggling with their own problems, but don’t know how to deal with them better. Bullies often grow up to be unhappy adults. Their often-quick tempers and violent actions (much like Daniel in my book) are generally shunned by society. When they grow up, they may have difficulty holding down a job or keeping friends.

The Observers

Even if you are an observer of bullying, you can develop many of the problems as you get older. Having empathy for the victim and feeling like you can’t say something may lead to depression and anxiety too. This is an excellent reason to talk to kids about the harms of bullying and ensure that they have useful, actionable ways to respond to bullying when they see it.

“Be the one that makes a difference in society not by a violent course, but by a remarkable imagination.”-Katrina Kusa

My Point …

Bullying is a serious issue with serious impacts on victims, bullies and bystanders. Given the tragic results for children and teens after being bullied, it is important to understand the impacts bullying can have. My wish for us all is that we can end the bullying and cyber-bullying of all people. This starts with a culture of openness and a willingness to protect others and do what’s right. We must continue to encourage public conversation about the effects of bullying so that we can overcome it.

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