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Word of the Day Writing Prompt

Childrens books Katrina Kusa Short Stories Prompt

Writing prompt time! This time my prompt (perfect for the book worm I am) was:

Grab the dictionary and turn to a page-any page-and pick a word at random. Write a short story about the word you picked.

So I grabbed my dictionary, excited to see what page I would turn to and the possibilities of the words defined on the two pages. I opened the book to the letter ‘P’. From the words and definitions listed on the page, one grabbed my eye-plethora. Here’s the short story I came up with inspired by the word:

Plethora… What an interesting word to begin with! As I was turning the pages of my dictionary, I became amused by the word meaning “many” things.

A peculiar word always excites me to do more with it. Maybe, that’s why I love speaking richer vocabulary everywhere I go. As a kid, I believe having more explicit knowledge is an act of power that can change your life. Maybe that’s why I am nicknamed “Fancy Nancy.”

Maybe that’s why people always asked me, “what does this word mean” or “why would you say such a word?” The truth is, I don’t have the answer to those questions or ideas. I love to introduce new words into my vocabulary. That’s who I am. That’s who I will be.

Plethora… as another paragraph walks by in my writings, I just want to say my last thoughts. You see, I know this isn’t coming as a short story as you were hoping, but I hope that you finally see that having the richer vocabulary for children becoming adults will change their view in the future. As vocabulary is growing day by day, it will be excellent for many to expand their view of our language.

Today more and more children becoming adults are losing their smartness of words and the act of power that it can do for you in your life. Having a richer vocabulary can change our explicit knowledge for many!


Okay so in this writing exercise, I didn’t write a creative short story, but I believe with a word like ‘plethora’ I should write about a lesson many people today should do for future generations. I put a little twist of a story though here and there; plus, it was another day and another story written. As a young author, this practice is invaluable to my future children’s books!


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