When you create your characters, go ahead and give them meaty biceps or thin shanks, blue eyes, wild hair, courage or phobias, vegetarian, surrounded by chaos.  Make choices until you know who they are....

The magical realm of The Kingdom of the Lizards is my first children’s book. Read the first 10 pages today!

I've been writing since the age of 8 (when I turned my playroom into a library), and I've been writing ever since.  What m...

I love this time of year especially when we're at our home in Massachusetts where I can look at the woods behind my house and watch the snow fall. Of course this season is wonderful to spend time with family and friends, eat delic...

I'm always so happy when people read my book and give feedback-especially when it's good feedback!

Recently, the editor of the Adventures Thru Wonderland blog published a review of my first book on her blog, Amazon, and my Goodrea...

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