That’s a wrap! 

Whether the curtain closes, the lights go out, or the director shouts that’s a wrap, what comes next is something most all performers can relate to the emotional dip with feelings of emptiness from the end of being...

Did you know monologues date back to Ancient Greece!  Monologues, not to be confused with soliloquies are communicating with other characters or the audience.  Where a Soliloquy is a speech speaking the characters’ own thoughts al...

Warmer days are on the horizon and summer is just around the corner. Spring is a beautiful time of year when flowers begin to bloom and migrating birds return from the South to fill the air with their songs.  With all the new soun...

There is nothing worse than having your peers single you out and pick on you. This is a big theme of my first book The Kingdom of the Lizards! Sadly, with all the new technologies bullying is on the rise.  


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